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Coaches Corner

2017-18 Coaching Application

** Completion of the coaching application is required in order to be considered. **


** Coaching Application HERE **


Coaching Application

We are using an electronic application for all of our coaches during the 2017-18 season.  All head and assistant coaches are asked to fill out the application regardless of whether or not they have coached previously for our organization or any organization within St. Anthony Sports Boosters.

In addition, BYBA has all head and assistant coaches go through the Trusted Coaches Membership program.  This program includes, National Criminal Background Check, Concussion Instruction, First-Aid Training and Positive Coaching Alliance Education Course.  If you currently are a Trusted Coach, there are still annual background checks that will be required, but the rest of the training needs to be completed every 3 years.  A coaches invite will be sent by the BYBA for you to log into Trusted coaches to complete the courses.

The coaching application will open in early September for all interested coaches.

BYBA Coaches Handbook

Coaching video series

Our coaching video series has been started and can be accessed from tabs on the left side of the page.  

In this series, youth coaches can see how our high school coaches teach basketball form and techniques and can also see drills demonstrated which can  be implemented into practices.

St. Anthony Boosters Basketball Coach Selection Policy

Effective January 2011, coaches from the previous winter basketball season will remain the named head coach of the team for the ensuing season(s), unless informed otherwise. All prospective coaches are encouraged to apply for the position they are intrested in. In the event that a candidate or candidates apply for a coaching position that is currently filled, both the applicant(s) and incumbent coach will be asked to participate in a interview process, after which the most qualified individual will be selected. Please review the attached coach selection process document carefully.  

Coaches of record must still submit to a criminal background check, sign the coaches conduct pledge but are no longer required to submit a coaching application annually.     

It is the expectation that all coaches will develop players and run their teams in conjuction with the philosophy of the St. Anthony Village High School boys' and girls' basketball programs.  High school coaches will work with the youth coaches to develop proper training techniques, practice drills and plans, and game philosophies to ensure that players are learning to do things the St. Anthony Village way.     

Mandatory Concussion Training Effective September 1, 2011

This past legislative session, a bill was passed and signed into law regarding concussions and youth athletes.  Minnesota has joined a growing number of states that have passed laws on providing concussion information, training and procedures to be followed for youth athletes to return to play.  The law is effective as of September 1st, 2011.

The Minnesota legislation requires any municipality, business, school district or nonprofit organization that organizes a youth athletic activity and charges a fee to follow the statute’s requirements.  
The St. Anthony Boosters Youth Basketball Association would like to point out several things:

  • The statute applies to all practices and games.
  • This statute applies to all clubs in Minnesota.  As noted in the policy, each club will have to adopt its own policy.
  • Any Extraterritorial coach or player who plays in any game or tournament in Minnesota is also affected.  Coaches will have to take the training and both coaches and players have to follow the removal/return to play requirements anytime they are in Minnesota.
  • This affects all sports, not just basketball.


Rotation Calculator

Simplify your player rotations with the Rotation Calculator. Use this spreadsheet to set your player rotation for each game. Once you know how many players will be at the game, enter their names into the Players column on the right-hand side (column S). If you have 9 players, use the "Nine Players" section of cells, and so on down the sheet, depending on how many players you will have. The player rotations will be computed automatically. There are tables to compute rotations for up to 12 players. You need to click Yes to accept the macros built into the spreadsheet in order for it to work properly. Column T keeps count of the time slots each player is in the game.