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Traveling Program

You Tube Videos of Tryout Drills

Checkout and watch demonstration videos for each of the Traveling Tryout Drills!

Traveling Basketball Overview

Basketball is a great way to work together as a team, get some exercise, and have a blast with friends!
General Information: The traveling basketball program is more intense and competitive than the in-house program.  It is designed to give players in our community an opportunity to improve their basketball skills and compete at a higher level.  Here are some details:
  • Players are selected for teams via a tryout process
  • Teams play 8 - 12 weekend tournaments per season or a weekly league schedule.  There are typically between 2-5 games per weekend.
  • Tournaments are typically located in the metro area but some teams do one out-of-town tournament per year and are selected by the basketball directors and coaches.
  • Teams practice two nights per week.
  • Parents need to drive players to the tournaments and stay for their player's games.
  • Practices begin in October and continue through March.
Who can play? Boys and Girls in Grades 4-8 during the 2019-20 school year and who live in or are enrolled in schools within the geographic boundaries of the St. Anthony/New Brighton Independent School District 282. Players not residing in or enrolled in schools within the district boundaries may participate in the Traveling program only to complete a team roster. 
Registration and Fees: Registration will open in the summer 
The registration fee for the Traveling Program is $150.00 ($300.00 maximum per family). Refunds for the registration fee difference will be provided for players who do not make a Traveling team and still play in the In-House league.

All players will need to provide a $100.00 refundable uniform deposit/volunteer fee that will be destroyed at the end of the season when the uniform is returned in proper condition AND the required volunteer hours have been worked.
Limited dollars are available for families in financial need. Inquire prior to registering.
In addition to the program registration fee, parents should expect to pay an additional $125-$225 per player for yearly tournament fees. Families of players should also be prepared to incur other miscellaneous expenses at tournaments (admission fees, concessions, etc.) Teams may also attend an out of town tournament, which involves transportation, food and lodging expenses.
Coaches: The Traveling program is dependent on volunteer coaches. A coaches’ meeting is scheduled in October. The required coaching forms for 2019-20 are available on the Coaches Corner page of this website.  We use Trusted Coaches to provide national background checks, first aid training, concussion training and positive coaching alliance training.  Please contact the Traveling Director with any questions.  

Steve Sibbet

Traveling Director

New Uniforms!

Volunteer Opportunities - BYBA Hosted Tournaments


2019-20 Hosted Tournament Dates:


December 14, 2019

January 18, 2020


Where Does the Tournament Income Go?

One of the ways we raise money for the program is through fundraising by hosting tournaments through the MYAS. The annual traveling tournament typically nets us around $6,000 per year. Over the past several years, we have reinvested tens of thousands of dollars back into the program in the way of facility improvements or equipment upgrades in the school. Not only have these improvements benefited basketball, but other youth programs as well. Some examples of community reinvestment as a result of our tournament:

Wilshire Park  Elementary - New backboards and refurbished floor along with new court striping
Elmwood Church - Asbestos abatement, new floor, painting, new backboards, and updated lighting - allows for additional gym space for 3/4 grade players - additional benefit to middle school after school program which did not exist until the basketball program donated 100% of the funds for the new space    
St. Anthony High School Upper Gym-  New floor, lighting, scoreboards, and divider curtain - additional benefit to other youth programs as well as Community Center day care services.
St. Anthony High School Lower Gym - Floor striping and finishing
Other - New uniforms for 2018, donation for 2011 Hennepin County Grant proposal -while not a direct benefit to basketball, we still felt it was important to support the community and other youth sports. 


Coaching Information

Check out the Coaches Corner for the process of becoming a coach, along with tips and resources to help take your team to the next level!