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Fastpitch Softball

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Ages of Play

Fastpitch Softball played in the Tri County League involves more games, practices, and a greater commitment from the athlete.  This is an opportunity for girls who like to play the game, learn new skills, and take their game to the next level.

St. Anthony Sports Boosters Softball offers teams in the age categories of 10U, 12U, and 14U for Fastpitch Softball.

The player's age on 12/31 of the prior year determines the age division in which the player is naturally placed.

To illustrate, for this summer's League play:

  • 10U = age 10 (and 9) as of 12/31/last year
  • 12U = age 12 (and 11) as of 12/31/last year
  • 14U = age 14 (and 13) as of 12/31/last year


It is expected that Fastpitch players will commit to their team through the Qualifier and State Tournaments. Families are respectfully asked to schedule summer vacations around these tournaments as much as possible. Losing players during this time is difficult because coaches cannot pull substitutes into the roster.  

Players can expect at least 2 in-season tournaments, plus qualifier and state tournaments after league play concludes.  See FAQs for more information.

Levels of Play

Evaluations scores are used by the Evaluations Committee to determine levels of play (A, B, C), and if teams will be evenly divided or tiered - in the event there is more than one team at an age level.  Pitching and catching scores, general evaluation scores, number of teams, and a number of other factors are reviewed when making these determinations.

These complex decisions can have long-lasting impacts on a unique program such as ours. We are a small community but we play big! Unlike many other communities, we do not have an in-house or rec program. We hope to keep as many athletes playing softball as we can while providing a competitive and developmental experience. This can be a challenge with a wide range of abilities and ages.

The Evaluations Committee is comprised of high school coaching staff and Huskies Diamond Club board members. A non-head coach SABSA board representative is appointed in order to communicate the sentiments of SABSA members.