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Coaches Corner

Coach Support and Mentoring

St. Anthony Soccer provides support and mentoring for coaches of all skill and experience levels.  This includes help with session planning, player and team development, interactions with players and parents, and the management of your team and its relationships with officials and coaches from other clubs.  

Whether you would like support with administrative challenges, need to solve a specific problem your team is having on the field, or want help in planning an entire season of practices, contact DOC with questions or concerns.  Coaching consultation and mentoring is also available.     


Ben Von Ende


Coaching Toolkit

Training session plans, articles and resources, and information regarding coaching licenses and certifications

Warm Up Protocol: FIFA 11+

This is a research-informed and comprehensive system of warm up exercises. Recommended for players 14+ and used by club and pro teams the world over to minimize injuries to their players.

Soccer Practice Session Plans

MYSA session plans for recreational and competitive teams U6 to adult. Organized by age and according to coaching topic.

Free Coaching Education and Financial Support for USSF Licensure

As a Minnesota Youth Soccer Association member club Saint Anthony Soccer offers coaching training facilitated by MYSA coaching staff.  Stay tuned for details.

St. Anthony Soccer also partners with local clubs and coaches to bring their coaching expertise to our club.   

In partnership with Challenger British Soccer we also offer annual trainings for coaches at no cost.

Interested in pursuing a youth coaching certificate or USSF license?  St, Anthony Soccer can help.  Contact DOC for details.    

In House Coaches

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Traveling Coaches

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St. Anthony Boosters Soccer Coach Selection Policy

All prospective coaches are encouraged to apply for the position they are interested in. In the event more that one candidate applies for a coaching position, both the applicant(s) will be asked to participate in a interview process, after which the most qualified individual will be selected. Please review the coach selection process document carefully.  



Coaching candidates must complete the ONLINE COACHING APPLICATION.

  • All required documents are included in the application.
  • Be sure you know your Certificate of Concussion Training completion date before you begin the application. You can look it up here.
  • You will also be expected to submit to a Criminal Background Check (Traveling coaches here, In-House coaches will be contacted with a secure link).

THANK YOU to all the volunteer coaches!

Mandatory Concussion Training Effective September 1, 2011



This past legislative session, a bill was passed and signed into law regarding concussions and youth athletes.  Minnesota has joined a growing number of states that have passed laws on providing concussion information, training and procedures to be followed for youth athletes to return to play.  The law is effective as of September 1st, 2011.

The Minnesota legislation requires any municipality, business, school district or nonprofit organization that organizes a youth athletic activity and charges a fee to follow the statute’s requirements.  
St. Anthony Boosters Soccer would like to point out several things:

  • The statute applies to all practices and games.
  • Even though the statute does not officially take effect until September 1, the online training is available now.  St. Anthony Boosters Soccer requires that coaches take the online video training session and test developed by the Centers for Disease Control and the National Federation of State High Schools at The course requires registration, but registeration is free. You must print out the course completion certificate as proof of completion of the training.
  • This statute applies to all clubs in Minnesota.  As noted in the policy, each club will have to adopt its own policy.
  • Any Extraterritorial coach or player who plays in any game or tournament in Minnesota is also affected.  Coaches will have to take the training and both coaches and players have to follow the removal/return to play requirements anytime they are in Minnesota.
  • This affects all sports, not just soccer.